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Julia Tatiana Homenko

Novato, CA

My art is defined by an outward expression of my intuitive sense, wanting that place still and free from the techno-hum. A world of lustrous color and expressive texture, I communicate with paint what I cannot express with words. I consider myself an impressionistic painter with a deep colorist influence. The focus of all my works are toward a specific quietness, throughout my different genres, and expressing this mood with strong values and rich hues. All with a hopefulness to awaken eyes to a beauty, with a different perspective, through varied eyes. What I dream of in my art is an escape and a silence, a journey taken alone. To bring others into the silent quiet magic I create to share.

Well, here is the 'bio' of Julia Tatiana Homenko, born and raised in Novato, an older emerging artist with works reflecting both beliefs and concerns for all sentient beings and as love of the dark and folktales. Growing up in a middle class family, as a tom boy and my Dad's fishing buddy, nature was always appreciated. But her love of painting was not encouraged and a profession was demanded; but as the opportunity arrived she returned to her dream of becoming a professional artist. Though largely self taught, she also sought out a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree which she received with multiple honors and continually takes painting workshops where she has studied with celebrated artists.
She has recently expanded this to include her grandfathers' technique of wood-burning with paint. Each painting reaching to a balance between simple beauty and the intrigue of the world, becoming a visual statement which is not representative of the real world, but of her unique view. Her feeling is it's important in art to not only experience a specific beauty, but also an understanding and point of view far beyond the canvas and the scene.

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