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Maria Carmella Luna

San Rafael, CA

On my path to creating jewelry I love patterns used in different cultural societies and architectural details have inspire my designs. I am drawn to the rich and complex society of the Mesoamerican. The temples that continue to share their rich architectural history inspire my designs. My findings, necklaces and earrings are designed using my interpretation of decorative elements depicted in hieroglyphics and architectural details. I have also been known to design jewelry that is inspired by my love of the sea.

My life path has been in and out of the creative process, it started in the 70's. I was a fine artist working in to many mediums — stain glass, weaving and painting to be great in any one of them. As a painter I was “figurative” colorist. A drawing teacher asked if I every tried sculpting, I had not. I found my second passion sculpting, first in plaster and resin then bronze. As a sculptor I loved the female form and used it as contemporary form in my work. Life changes . . . I had to take the time I used in my art for a corporate job.

Jewelry is my first passion. My mother put jewelry on me as a child and I wore her pieces and her gifts of jewelry until I purchased my own. It is hard for me to wear my own work because I love every piece in my collection. I wear a few of my own pieces because I have been asked to often if I what I was wearing was my own work and it wasn’t.

Retirement was going to give me time again and I looked for a creative path. In 2000 I took a jewelry class thinking I could learn how to fix my own pieces. The jewelry classes and teacher changed my creative direction.

I appreciate that I find myself in a happy place creatively and in life.

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