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Carol Anne Ponzio

San Rafael, CA

My artwork, both the prints and the sculpture, tries to capture the flow or motion of an object. Most of my work is inspired by the things I see in nature which capture my eye and/or imagination. Most of my work is an abstraction of an object or scene in which I try to capture the motion, form, color or all three. My sculptures in particular focus on movement. You can touch them and watch the moving parts. I use the paper I make to make relief types of two dimensional art or combine it with copper to form the sculptures. I enjoy experimenting with different paints and techniques often combining different mediums.

I studied art with my father, Charles Berry, and at San Jose State University. After teaching elementary school I returned to studying different art techniques and renewing my interest in printmaking, paper art, and sculpture. These are the three things that intrigued me the most in my art studies.

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