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P.K. Margis,


FLIGHT A series of oil paintings portraying the skyward world. Flight is a symbol of freedom. Like Leonardo Da Vinci and the Wright Brothers, I study and paint birds to learn more about the freedom of flight. Birds fly and perch wherever they want, whenever they want. In this series, I pause the elusive, fast moving and evading maneuvers of birds in order to experience their freedom up close. And, during this process, I choose colors that appear charged with energy. I want colors that excite and bring me to a place of magical realism so that the birds appear almost utopian as if I’m viewing a perfect world.

P.K. Margis is a professional artist living in California and creates vibrant oil paintings of the skyward world in the style of magic realism. The paintings have been described as “beautiful and thoughtfully structured”.

The artist takes inspiration from nature and converts them into an otherworldly and utopian experience. “My paintings include splashes of color placed strategically with moments of mood lighting. They become a way that I recharge and connect with nature.”

Birds have been a particular inspiration to the artist. “Of the 10,000 living species of birds, over 1000 species are on the threatened extinction list. Our world is changing and I can’t imagine living without birds so I paint them. They are a symbol of freedom, studied for aviation and the last living descendants of dinosaurs.”


P.K. Margis, Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz all lived on the same N.Y. estate called Oak Lawn. Like Georgia’s paintings, P.K. was deeply inspired by the lake, islands and surrounding oak trees and sees the art skills that Alfred and Georgia developed as a foundational inspiration. “I experienced at an early age what others could only imagine. Daily, I walked the same halls and grounds as Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keefe. I saw what they saw.”

The artist spent early adult years painting and sculpting. “I worked as a ceramicist in Belgium and travelled to Paris, London and Rome to explore the European art world.”

Currently, P.K. is a full time artist creating engaging images.

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