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Brook Spoerry

Kentfield, CA

Magic begins from the moment a humble piece of our earth is held in my hands. It can twirl into the functional or slip into the imaginary, but each mound seems to have a destiny of its own. Strange to think that something inanimate has a destiny. But hours spent alone in a studio exploring your inner being will convince you that anything is possible. I wonder, create, and hope to share my adventures with you. Born and raised in New York City. Studied at Queens College, Flushing, N.Y.; College of Marin, Kentfield, CA; San Francisco Art Institute; San Francisco State University. Most memorable: A Ruth Duckworth-Davenport workshop � a vision altering experience. Bette is also a published writer of the best selling Gina Mazzio RN medical thriller �Bone� series in collaboration with J. J. Lamb. Also recently released, THE KILLING VOTE. And Twenty years ago Bette had an idea for a near future, dystopian medical thriller. The Organ Harvesters was recently published and she finds it amazing that everything she predicted many years ago is now coming true.

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