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Kathryn Keller

Sausalito, CA

When I reflect on my art I sometimes think of the quote, “the world is my oyster,” not in the sense that was originally intended, but rather in terms of the layers of development necessary to produce a pearl. An important part of how I create involves leaving traces of evolution at every step along the way. As a result, each work of art can be appreciated not only as a completed piece, but also as evidence of the various stages involved in its completion. In other words, how something is achieved is just as important as the achievement itself.

I was born and raised at the New Jersey shore.  After completing my primary education, I graduated from Arizona State University with a BFA in Environmental Design with honors.  From there, I spent most of my 20’s exploring the world with my husband.  I went on to work as a television series set designer in Johannesburg, South Africa, and upon my return to San Francisco in 1981 worked as an interior designer in the city and various locations of the Bay Area.  Among the many influences in my work I credit my first passion to the work of Andrew Wyeth and later in California the iconic art of the Bay Area Figurative movement and in particular the work of Richard Diebenkorn.  In 2005 I returned to fine art, continuing my studies at the College of Marin, and have painted and sculpted since then.  My past travels as well as continuing journeys to far-flung places have contributed to my firsthand appreciation of the art and history of many cultures. Currently I reside in Sausalito and work out of my studio in the historic Industrial Center Building. My art is in numerous private collections.

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