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Louise Forbush,

Mill Valley, CA

A love of paper is what drives my work. Handmade Japanese paper, along with treasured pages from old Japanese books. With their calligraphy, dust, and wormholes, they bring hidden stories with them. While living in Japan, I watched paper being made in the snow-covered hills north of Kyoto. Near the Japan Sea, I wandered through Bessho, where the entire village was involved in papermaking. At the edge of their fields that day, golden rice plants hung drying in the sun - a color I often try to capture in my work. And everywhere I found great old paper shops and took treasure home. Those and other papers now fill the floors, drawers, and surfaces of my studio and eventually make their way into my artwork - along with bits of fabric, reeds, seeds, or a few silk threads. (But you won't find any paint or ink.)

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