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Emmeline Craig,

Stinson Beach, CA

“Art is powerful. As an artist, my goal is not only to represent something beautiful or evocative, but to trigger inner bliss, peacefulness and primal exhilaration in my fellow humans by offering a quiet place for their mind to disengage and relax, leaving some room for awe… There is a healing quality in quieting the mind, a spaciousness, that can pass from the painter to the viewer through a simple image. That’s the magic of Art. That’s what I am painting for.” – Emmeline

Self-taught, born in France. I live and paint in Bolinas, CA. You can meet me and see my work at my Blissful Gallery in Stinson Beach, on Highway 1 on week-ends or by appointment on week days. Since I settled in Marin County in 2000, local people have become very familiar with my work. My paintings, large and small, have won the hearts of collectors and art lovers from San Francisco Bay to Asia, Brazil? and Europe where these patrons enjoy the relaxing spaciousness of my work.
My paintings are created with the intention to help people disengage from mind chatter and worry, access a quiet space inside, and trigger an inner ability for bliss and wellness…
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