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John Bucklin

San Rafael, CA

Painting is my life’s purpose; it’s where I find joy and peace. When I feel the creative flow and energy going through my work, I have the experience of being whole. It is the language I am most comfortable using to express who I am; I speak with my brushstrokes. In my ocean wavescapes, I strive to capture the mystery and power of the ocean, the complexity of its currents and riptides. In my landscapes, I hope to recreate the incredible beauty I find in the natural world- a constant source of inspiration for me. I am also drawn to finding beauty in the simplicity of ordinary objects: an avocado, pair of red cowboy boots, straw hat. Color, patterns, lines, shape and movement play a part in my creations, all of which I hope convey some aspect of beauty in our world. For me, painting- creating a surface with the intent to instill meaning- is all about language and beauty, and the way I express the joy of being an artist.

A fourth generation San Franciscan, John Bucklin has been
drawing and painting since he was three. Trained in the classical
tradition at the Florence Academy of Art, he continued his studies
in New York City, graduating with a BFA from the School of Visual
Arts. His work has been shown in Miami, Los Angeles, New York
and San Francisco.

Since 1990, John has been spending summers in Montana and
Wyoming. An avid fly fisherman, he loves to hike and camp in the
great outdoors. John finds inspiration for his work in the
landscapes of the American West. He captures the beauty and
wonder of this wilderness. He sees it everywhere- rivers, oceans,
deserts, sunsets, mountains- and also in simple objects like river
rocks and wildflowers.

An accomplished surfer, he traveled to the pacific coast of Panama
with underwater cameras and is doing a series about that. He loves
the unknown possibilities and physical challenges that he faces outdoors,
whether he’s hiking to 11,000 ft. in the John Muir Wilderness, crossing
the lonely Mojave Desert, or exploring the Bob Marshalls. “All these
adventures push me further and are a metaphor for my creative process.”

John expresses his artistic talents in other ways. Last May,
”Rooster”, his eight foot tall steel sculpture, was installed at City
Hall in San Rafael, and “Daffodil”, another steel sculpture, graced
the Inverness Plant Park. Recently he has been working on a
series of swimming pools, tennis courts and still lifes using wood
as the theme.

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