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Katy Drury Anderson

Larkspur, CA

As a conceptual artist, I consider the idea or message to be as important as the art itself. However, in the interest of levity, I often add an ironic or humorous twist. My love of textile art has inspired me to explore paper, welding, collage, shibori dying, and photo transfer. But in the past 10 years, I have focused on felting raw wool, using both wet and needle techniques. Working in a series allows me to incorporate multiple concepts into one theme. In my corset series, I utilize this oppressive symbol as a metaphor for the way women are viewed and I use repurposed materials such as beer bottle caps, measuring tapes, and wine foils. My felted pod series, “Womb With A View” employs needle and wet felting techniques to create botanical forms that reflect my experience as a maternity nurse nurturing mothers and babies. Through my series of aprons, “Mother’s Militia,” I use fabricated guns, holsters, and ammo belts to address the serious issue of gun control facing our society. I ask the question, "Are we really more protected when we are all bearing arms?" My current series of women's mouths reflect the empowerment of women who are finally speaking out in numbers against sexual harassment and abuse. I invite the viewer to consider the message posed and to begin the essential dialogue.

As an Art major at UC Berkeley in 1970, the social unrest of the era threw me into the Anti-War and Feminist Movements. I graduated three years later with a Sociology degree and a thirst to create art that reflected social consciousness. However, the practical aspects of survival prevented me from pursuing a full-time art career and prompted me to become a nurse.
As an Obstetrical nurse, I had the privilege of assisting women in another form of creation and witnessing daily miracles for 32 years. This career and that of raising three very active kids with my husband have provided me with constant inspiration and insight.
I count my blessings everyday that I am able to hike and bike in the natural beauty of Marin County, paddle on our lagoon, practice yoga, enjoy a diverse group of friends and family, and create art in my home studio.
However, I know many are not as fortunate. That restless Berkeley activist still lives in my soul, so I work with several groups to protect women's rights, health care, our environment, and fight for social justice.

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