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Harvey Abernathey

Novato, CA

Fine art photographer Harvey Abernathey is an American born artist best known for his landscape and nature images for both daylight and nighttime photography. His current night portfolio integrates a selection of imagery that inspired a body of work called “Serenata Nocturna”. Mr. Abernathey strives to create works that capture and preserve the beauty in nature and the magic of the night - images that will interest the viewer and convey a sense of excitement about the places, color, and tone in the images. Mr. Abernathey discovered his passion for art and photography at an early age, but most recently has been pursuing his passion for capturing these moments in time for all to enjoy. He has completed a number of workshops with professional photographers, taking both lecture and field study courses. In addition, he has taken college courses on working with various photo editing software systems. As a night and day landscape and nature specialist, using tools such as digital DSLR’s and long exposure controllers, his photographs have been selected for juried exhibits within Northern California and winning international and national competitions. Mr. Abernathey’s work has also won numerous awards and been published in various magazines.

Fine Art Photographer

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