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Deborah Newman,

Corte Madera, CA

My motivation to create art comes from a deep desire and uncontrollable need to create images that I can approach and touch, that I can step into, walk around, and visit for a while before stepping out again to real life. For me, art, in its many forms, is the most fundamental expression that is truly individual. Iíve been an artist all my life. Right now, I paint in oils, predominately on stretched canvas. I also paint on Masonite, canvas board, cardboard, walls, whatever I can get my hands on. I often feel more like a sculptor than a painter. I sculpt the image through the painting process. The image appears more and more three-dimensional as each layer of paint is applied. When Iím creating a painting, I want to give viewers the chance to enjoy the image, but I donít want to give them every detail. I want my viewers to discover things for themselves. I leave traces of each layer bare, so that my viewers can imagine how the painting came into being. Deborah Newman

I am an oil painter specializing in landscape painting.

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