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Louise Victor,

Sausalito, CA

Looking down through the clouds, through the haze, at dotted fields, rivers, mountains and valleys; this is my space. Theair becomes visible, tangible, a substance that holds you. From this place, the horizon sits below you. You can follow highways out of cities, over the land connecting one town to another, a thread across the ground, intersecting the drawn lines of plowed fields, andthe wandering lines of a river. These are places that live in my mind, memories from a distance above.
It is said that every living thing resists gravity. We grow up, plants reach for the sky, animals pull themselves onto their legs, even little bugs inch above the ground. The many thousands of hours I have spent in my resistance to gravity, as a pilot, have provided my with a unique perception of space, place and time. This is the vision I bring to the canvas.
Along with my education as a painter, I was trained as a pilot at a young age. I became one of the first women to fly for a major commercial airline and the second woman in the world to be a Captain on the Boeing 767.

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