Jennifer Francis Fearon Profile Photo

Jennifer Francis Fearon

Sausalito, CA

I am interested in the beauty around us and also in how we understand and relate to each other as individuals with inherently different genetic, cultural, social, economic and neurological foundations. As a result I have two bodies of work. Land and waterscapes depicting the natural beauty of the Bay Area and figurative work grounded in my personal experience as a caregiver for a young adult with Autism. In this multi-media work I incorporate artifacts accumulated in the process of daily living for individuals. This combination of alphanumeric documents, original and found imagery, and representational portraiture suggests many layers of experience.

Jennifer Fearon is a contemporary artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her oil paintings depict rural and urban waterscapes and, more recently, figurative works focusing on neurological or physical differences. Jennifer’s formal art instruction includes foundation courses at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and continued study with various California artists, including Randall Sexton and Chester Arnold. Originally from Texas, Jennifer also has a Master’s Degree in business and worked in the financial services industry before moving to California.