Laura Wilson-Hill Profile Photo

Laura Wilson-Hill

Larkspur, CA

My monotypes are about manipulating the familiar, playing with color and form, and shifting perspective. I often choose organic subjects, such as flowers and leaves, which invite me to work with their structure and design. I'm motivated by the unexpected and enjoy pushing the printing process to places where I am not quite certain of the outcome. When I start a print, I deconstruct or rearrange my subject matter to create a composition on a plate. I ink my plate with a color by rolling, painting or drawing onto it. Each time I run it through the press I am adding more color and more images until I reach my desired design. Sometimes as the positive and negative spaces emerge, I am inspired to explore a new direction with my work.

I am originally from New York. My father was an artist and his studio was always a place of inspiration and joy for me. He taught me that all of our designs originate in nature.

I was an Art major at California State University Northridge, where I studied textile design, interior design, drawing and painting. I studied with local artist, Leslie Katz, where I was introduced to the printmaking medium. Since then I have immersed myself in the process, specifically making Monotype prints, using an etching press. In addition to being a life-long student of the arts, I have also had a career in the commercial interior design industry.