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Barbara Lawrence

San Rafael, CA

I started making art before understanding what I was doing. Art was just part of life since the beginning, watching my father make his living as an artist. As far back as I can remember, I only wanted one thing: be an artist too. Once I purely painted for beauty, serenity, and the love of nature, inspired and driven by these powers to put color on canvas. Over time, my reasons to paint have deepened. I now not only attempt to capture the essence of the moment to share the changing qualities of the life and environment surrounding us, but I now also work as an historian, documenting this moment in time. I look for the play between reflected light and cast shadows and reduce it to the simplest shapes and forms. I seek to capture that evasive moment as it changes from minute to minute; light shifts, wind plays and weather rearranges. As I advance with my work, colors deepen, shapes simplify, mystery overshadows sweetness; suggestion replaces precision. I think of my art as alchemy: bits and pieces of strokes and materials are transformed into something of value. This value resonates in the hearts of the individual who comes in contact with the work.  In this way, my art has been the catalyst in my bonding with people and places I deeply treasure. As I progress, my desire is to create mood and story. I look to be moved myself, to feel something. When it all comes together and it works then the magic happens. Art is not essential for life, it is life.

Barbara Lawrence, is an award winning artist & teacher, working in pastels and oils, specializing in our local landscape and our natural and man made environments. Living and working in Marin county California for over 50 years, this area is truly home to her unique vision. She has many collectors including one that has collected over forty paintings in the past 10 years. As a teacher, she find it thrilling to see a student progress from an awkward beginning to his or her own awakening as an artist. Many of her students have gone on to win awards.
You can visit Barbara at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, CA. This unique cooperative art building has the some of the best art shows in the area. Barbara has a Studio/Gallery at Art Works and teaches several classes a week there, including private lessons, as well as at various other locations around Marin, including The College of Marin.

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