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Yvonne D. Graham

Novato, CA

Yvonne d Graham is an artist by heart. Born and raised in Germany, she moved to California in 2005. After living on the Peninsula and in the South Bay, she knew immediately that she had found home after settling down in Marinwood, where she resides today with her husband and two children. Like many other artists living in Marin, she finds it almost impossible not to use the scenery and landmarks as inspiration for her work.
Her love for art began at a young age when she constantly carried a sketchbook and spent many hours each day sketching imaginary scenes. One of her 8th grade school teachers noticed her talents and commissioned her to paint a large mural in the school cafeteria. Many years passed before Yvonne would be able to dedicate herself to her art full-time.
Yvonne's artwork is eye-catching through her extensive use of color, reflective light, and almost whimsical figures, especially when depicting her signature peacocks. The almost playful images aren't nearly as light-hearted as they seem though, as the creation of each piece is founded on the emotions she is experiencing when putting brush to canvas.
Working with acrylic on canvas, Yvonne found that paint as a single medium failed to engage her viewer in the manner desired. By including small mirrors, it became possible to add a certain amount of visual depth, in some cases making the viewer a part of the work. Her painting, "Mermaid," is the best example of this. From working with mirrors, she was able to develop her unique style and began including other media such as broken glass, texture, and mosaic stones embedded into the paint surface.

Her work can be viewed at www.art-by-yvonne.com. Visit her at the Marin Open Studio weekend, May 13-14th 2017 to see the original paintings and her other work at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) at 500 Palm Dr, Novato CA 94949 (second floor)

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