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John Kunzweiler

Sausalito, CA

I work in both oil and digital. My digital work is based on photographs that are generally in motion, out of focus or over/under-exposed aiming for an expressionistic "story" in deep color and strong shapes. I'm new to oil painting....I wanted to extend my digital work using softer tones and less precise shapes rendered by hand. Likewise, I love classic composition and in painting I can be much more deliberate is creating shapes, palettes and stories.

John Kunzweiler is a Marin County, California artist who’s work has evolved from “proper” photography –a skill learned through college education, extensive travel and a lots of shooting –to highly abstract and painterly images. Today, John works are based on the digital photographic images in a number of mediums (paper, acrylic and aluminum) as well as oil on canvas and wood panels that to capture his love of color, shapes, symmetry and balance.

John is based at the ICB in Sausalito. His website is:
and his email is: