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John Kunzweiler

Sausalito, CA

My background is in photography and as time went on, my work became more abstract and "painterly.". I finally faced the facts and moved on to oil painting. My compositions are well defined, the colors bright and contrasts strong. As a student of Impressionism, I like twisting things around a bit, keeping some elements off-balance and colors a bit unexpected. I remain very focused on the line, the shape and the gesture.

John Kunzweiler is a Marin County, California artists who today is deep into oil painting. John's educational background started in advertising art and marketing (plus an MBA along the way). Always with a camera, John captures shapes, shadows and shades. In painting, John takes it all several steps beyond. His style is Impressionistic, free form and vibrant. John concentrates on everyday scenes adding his own unique interpretation.

John is based at the ICB in Sausalito. His website is:
and his email is:

Lemon Tree

John Kunzweiler

Empty Vase

Price: $2000.00

John Kunzweiler