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Darcy J Sears

Sausalito, CA

The purpose of my art is to add beauty to the world, and to bring joy into people's lives. My work is driven by my need to mold life out of clay. I watch life unfold, and discover moments of beauty in an ordinary day. These moments inspire my work. The process is alchemy, where the ordinary stuff of life is transformed into something new. Clay is a wonderful medium, with no boundaries or limits. Wings can sprout on anyone and trees can have wheels. Clay enables me to transform the mundane into something magical. My work ranges from realistic to whimsical, from classical to abstract, from serious to playful. One series explores figures emerging from vessels, as though they are breaking out of confining spaces. Another shows figures in bathing suits. These sculptures are lighter in feeling, more colorful and amusing. In some of my work I incorporate mosaic tile, so that the tiles are part of the structure of the sculpture. I am primarily interested in line and form, the contours of the human body. I explore the figure in all its imperfections. All sizes and shapes of the human figure are beautiful and complete in my eyes. While I use models in my work, I may not portray them in a realistic way. I want to capture their mood, spirit, and the essence of who they are.

Darcy J. Sears is a Sculptor who lives and works in Marin County. Her studio is located in the Industrial Center Building (ICB) which is home to over 100 artists. Darcy is a figurative artist that uses clay, bronze and marble to create her sculptures.

Jade Princess w/Bird

Price: $875.00

Darcy Sears

White Angel

Price: $275.00

Darcy Sears

Small Portrait

Price: $250.00

Darcy Sears

Old Fashioned Swimmer

Price: $850.00

Darcy Sears


Price: $12000.00

Darcy Sears

Ballerinas At The Foundry

Price: $750.00

Darcy Sears

Evolving Angel

Price: $22000.00

Darcy Sears