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JeanMarie Murphy,

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Integrating Your Brain and Pelvic Floor:

To some extend most of us have a pelvic floor that is either hypertonic or hypotonic. The musculature that supports us at our deepest core is either too tense or too weak. Either end of that spectrum can leave us with issues of incontinence, urge or stress related, or difficulty with our other natural elimination process. They can also cause us to be ineffective in our attempts to move our work into the world in an empowered and coherent gesture because the part of the brain that manages our pelvic floor muscles is also over working or under working.  Even worse, in combination, an unintegrated brain and pelvic floor can leave us in a cycle of always gathering more information, or in the planning and prototype phases, because we don't have the internal support to bring our plans into manifesting action.

Hypertonicity or hypotonicity is more common than our medical system generally speaks about.  Partly because it grows slowly over time, often under the radar of awareness and happens for a variety of reasons.  They can arise from the mechanics of daily life, too much sitting, as the result of a difficult delivery, the aftermath of what at the time seemed like an insignificant injury or accident, or as a lasting impression from a complicated childhood. Both ends of the polarity can leave us feeling discordant in our lives, diminishing our physical, sensual and creative vitality. 

In essence, a hypertonic or hypotonic pelvic floor will leave us feeling ineffective, on a multiple of fronts.

I developed Yoni Yoga Nidra over the years of being a creative direction consultant working with creative catalyzer's birthing a business or feeling stuck in their creative expression. It became clear, more often than not, the problem was a lack of integration within, and between, their brain and pelvic floor. Their sense of dullness or lack of juiciness and their incoherent sense of direction, were connected.

As we started integrating their subterranean architecture, they became more effective, on a multiple of fronts.

That included working with the powerful nature of their Corpus Callosum, the super highway between your right and left hemisphere, and their most intimate pelvic floor muscles.  They learned to approach their brain and pelvic floor as two gyroscopes that, when integrated, would provide them with an enhanced sense of both their creative expression and their physical, emotional and sensual vitality.

As they practiced my Yoni Yoga Nidra meditations and the 3 somatics movements that follow, not only did a coherent sense of internal direction return, many other common problems within their physicality and sensuality associated with the aging process, began to disappear:

3 Pelvic Floor Somatic Movements:

Semi-Supine: Lie on your back on a warm, firm surface; a yoga matt or carpet on a hard floor is preferable. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor, hips width apart. Arms rest a comfortable distance from your torso. Place a 1-inch paperback book under your head; preferable something you want to learn by osmosis. Staying warm is important; cover yourself with a blanket if needed. Rest here, placing your attention on your breath, lower back, belly, inner thighs, for at least 10-15 minutes.

Pelvic Rocking: From Semi-Supine, remove the book, and slowly begin to arch your lower back off the floor (feeling your tailbone pointing towards the floor) and then curl your lower back returning it to contact with the floor (feeling your tailbone pointing towards the ceiling). Once you have the basic movement, begin to slow the moment down, so to another person, your movements would be imperceptible. Practice for 1-2 minutes, or as long as it feels good.

Pelvic Clock: From Pelvic Rocking, we being to move towards the left and right as well. If your lower back on the floor is Noon, and arching your lower back off the floor (with the tailbone pointing towards the floor) is 6:00, think of the back of your right hip as 9:00 and the back of your left hip as 3:00. From Noon, circling to the left, try to make contact with 3:00, then 6:00, then 9:00 and then Noon, circling around the clock, slowing the moment down so again it becomes imperceptible. When you are ready, reverse the movement from Noon, to 9:00, to 6:00 to 3:00. Circle in each direction with intention, and attention, for at least one minute, making 5 slow movements around the clock or, practice for as long s it feels good.

Developing a pelvic floor with a healthy level of tone contributes to our physical vitality-the ability to stand in our strength within our core, and our sensual vitality-the ability to feel all the nuances that contribute to our deep awareness.  When our core strength meets our core awareness, it results in an enlivening process within our pelvic core, releasing our creative expression and sensual potential.  An enlivening process that enriches every aspect of daily life, whether it's your time of full fertility or the other end, time to explore your creative expression.

Suddenly when you enter a room, everyone turns their head as your vitality, physical and sensual, infuses the space you share.

Are you ready to turn a lot of heads?

Sultry Smiles,

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