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BJ Thrailkill

San Rafael, CA

I have a strong, almost binary aesthetic; it is apparent to me when collections of items or views are (or are not) in my judgement perfectly aligned. This sense of alignment becomes a governing hand in my decisions of what I wish to paint. I am quirky by nature, and my paintings reflect this. I enjoy bringing to life ideas that deviate from absolute representation and move toward a peculiar realism. My inspiration also flows from a curious observation of everyday things. I am easily distracted by ordinary objects and critters - sinks, doorknobs, crows and often trees. Interesting compositions stop me in my tracks everyday as I’m out jogging and I often pause to capture pictures of these observations on my phone for later contemplation.

I grew up in rural Maryland in the 1950s and 60s. We were very fortunate to have an accomplished artist as a neighbor. She taught weekly painting classes for children in my neighborhood. We were quite young and painted with oils and sketched outdoors. Helen was a remarkable individual and a lasting gift to us all.

I took classes in painting and sculpture in my early 20s. I painted in acrylics, mostly from dreams but also from images from my surroundings. Over the many years since I have always sketched and dabbled but did not engage fully until my children left for college. My paintings are primarily in oil although I like working with egg tempera.

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