Jean Sanchirico,  Profile Photo

Jean Sanchirico,

San Rafael, CA

When honored with deserved respect from mankind, our natural surroundings activate all of our senses. Our park system preserves and protects these lands—something I consider to be a true gift. What we see, smell, touch and listen to inform my visual expression—condensing my feelings and moods into drawings that evoke the simple pure beauty of wilderness. Much like artists from the early 20th century, my drawings aim to reveal the sensations that are often indescribable and overlooked, allowing the viewer to recall the calm and beauty of the wilderness in a gallery setting. It is this sensual impression that I aim to capture with the soft-edge and fluidity of chalk pastel.

Jean Sanchirico’s body of work in chalk pastel focuses on the ever-changing California landscape. Using color, shape and shadow, the drawings enliven the typical landscape leading the viewer to see it anew.

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Jean is the founder and owner of The Palisade Group, a graphic design firm in the Bay Area for over 28 years.

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