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Karen Stead Baigrie

San Anselmo, CA

My work is inspired by the world around me, drawing from experience and filtering that through a lens where abstract qualities of that moment become central. Paint, color, line, form and the very act of painting are all a part of what I am exploring. I encourage the viewer to add their own meaning, experience and interpretation to my works by playing down literal references. My materials are layered, reflecting layers of memory and also the time-lapse of sorts, of the process of creation. Landscape has been my main area of focus for a long time - looking both at how we influence landscape, as well as our reliance on it. Water and how it affects a landscape - both when it is in abundance and when there is a lack of it are current areas of exploration. In my work there are concious parallels drawn between inner and outer landscape and experience. Landscape is often a metaphor for self, or an inner experience.

Born and raised in Cape Town South Africa, I moved to New York City in 1993 in order to be a part of the art and photography that was happening there. After 15 years of painting and working as a photographer in NYC, we moved to Marin County in order to raise our boys in a place where they could see the stars at night, run barefoot and climb trees. The wide open spaces of Marin and the creative people of the Bay Area has served to be a great source of inspiration and energy in my work. We regularly return home to Africa, whose landscape and peoples continue to be a source of inspiration.