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Jill Culver

Novato, CA

Soul Portraits are a unique form of intuitive portraiture. A significant distinction is that I do not interview my clients and prefer to know little about them. Through meditation, I receive intuitive images that are often surreal. All of my 100+ clients have resonated with, and found meaning from their portrait. Many clients have talked about them for hours. The common thread is that they seem to capture a person's essence. I also do the same intuitive process with pets. Recently I have begun to paint traditional portraiture of both people and pets. See my website to learn more about my greeting cards, books, card decks, etc.

What astonishes me is that all of this happened after a layoff at midlife. I had no idea I could paint like this, nor did I fully understand my intuitive ability. It truly has been a remarkable unfolding of my life purpose. Please check out my website to learn more.

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