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Judi Stess

San Anselmo, CA

JUDI STESS My subject matter is representational and is either painted on location or from photographs I have taken. I began painting in the 1970s after discovering my artistic side while working with department store displays. I signed up for some painting classes at the Richmond Art center and was immediately captivated by the colors, textures and smell of the oil paints. The next twenty years were spent exploring that medium. In 1990 while trying to loosen up my painting style, I tried acrylic paints. The bright colors and fast drying abilities of the acrylics opened up a new world to explore. During the summer of 2003 I studied pastels with Barbara Lawrence and loved the immediacy of the medium. It seemed to fit into my busy life better at that time so I stayed with pastels for around 8 years. When I had a show at the Atrium Gallery at the CA Cancer Center in Greenbrae during the fall of 2013, I went back to oils because I needed larger works. I began studying with colorist, Carol Smith Myer and do so until today. Rediscovering oil painting through the colorists methods is exciting and a positive experience. My eye gravitates to vivid colors, light and shadow. I get ideas from places I visit and the people I see. I often paint a series of people or objects. Since studying Plein Air painting some years ago, I view my surroundings in an entirely different way. The result is that I see paintings in my mind everywhere I go. Painting completes my life and fulfills the artist inside of me. I see art as a lifelong process with many different mediums to be investigated. I feel as though I am in the middle of my journey and plan to go wherever it leads me. I have studied with wonderful teachers such as Kent Rupp, Stanley Goldstein, Chester Arnold, Pam Glover, Paul Bridenbaugh, Marianna Goodheart, Barbara Lawrence and most recently with Carol Smith Myer. I helped establish the Indian Valley Artists Association in the early 1990s which is now known as the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). My work has been in shows at the College of Marin, Marin County Civic Center, Novato City Offices, Fairfax Library, and in local restaurants, offices, banks, the Ross Valley Winery, The Battalion at Hamilton, and local coffee houses. I also have shown work in the Falkirk exhibit, at The Marin County Fairs, and at the Art League’s First National Show. I have been awarded a Best in show at the College of Marin and received several Honorable Mention awards in juried shows at MOCA. I have participated in a several shows at Riley Street Art Store in San Rafael.. The pastel I entered in the Marin County Fair (2011) was awarded first place in the pastel category. I had a solo show in the Atrium Gallery at the California Cancer Care Center in Greenbrae last fall 2013. I had a solo show at the Tamalpais in 2014. My paintings have been accepted into the 2015 Fall show at the Falkirk in San Rafael and others were juried into National shows at The Marin society of Artists also in San Rafael. I participate in Marin Arts Open Studios the first or second weekend in May every year. I presently sit on the Board of Marin Society of Artists.

I have lived and painted in Marin County for the past 37 years. My work is mostly in oil paint but I did take an long break and worked in soft Pastels. The things that attract me are light, color and narrative subjects.

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