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nathalie worthington

Fairfax, CA

My paintings are usually devoted to landscapes, though recently I’ve allowed the human presence to take place in my scenes. I love the hills of Marin and thrill at the opportunity to creatively express my response to certain times of day.The late afternoon golden glow inspires me the most.

A creative “type” born to a family who embraced the arts, Nathalie’s childhood was filled with much time spent with paint, clay, colored pencils, drawing, and art study. She surrounded herself with the paintings of her grandmother on her father’s side, and the mosaic landscapes of her grandfather on her mother’s side. Always keen on drawing, Nathalie studied the works of Durer, Escher, O’Keefe, Dali, and the Impressionists. Her art classes through college were riveting and pure joy... the math and science not so much. She earned a Bachelors degree at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

Painting using acrylics on canvas, can be said to have truly begun at age 28 when she took a painting course with Joseph Solitairo at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Joseph taught her all the techniques: canvas stretching, priming, and toning and initial compositional lay out, perspective, drawing, color theory, intermediate washes, and final glazing for each painting. This one class launched her on a painting journey that would wind through the next three decades.
She is currently immersed in California landscapes, painting directly from the inspirations she finds in hills and coastal locations. This new territory is offering the open vistas she sought in Florida and the mystery she sought in the forests of North Carolina with an added helping of dramatic California light.

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