Debra J. Inman Profile Photo

Debra J. Inman

Sausalito,, CA

Artisan jewelry for the free-spirited woman.

I enjoy creating jewelry that engenders playful engagement and as a long-time collector of the eclectic in vintage and antique beads and found objects, I also like to create harmonious pieces that are a mix of the meaningful and symbolic of the world’s cultures. It is my hope that the wearer feels a pleasing connection to my pieces and values wearing them to express their individuality.
My degrees include Landscape Architecture, at Southwestern and San Diego Mesa Colleges in Southern California and the University of California at Berkeley, and completion of the Graduate Jeweler program at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California. Workshops with the very giving Marne Ryan, Harold O'Connor, and Susan Lenart Kazmer are beyond wonderful; I continue to learn and share.
My studio participates in the annual events of Winter Open Studios at the ICB in December and Marin Open Studios in May. All images and designs © 2013- 2021.

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