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Jane Victoria Farley

Sausalito, CA

Artist and Art Therapist I love the free and revealing nature of abstract as well as the meditative quality of realism. I work empathetically with oils and consider myself to be a portrait and landscape painter. As a child, I was encouraged to experience and express myself through the use of art. I was raised by artists and poets and the primary language at home was art. By the age of 20, I became a Graphic Designer and then an interactive Multimedia Director before returning to school to become an Art Therapist. I spent the next several years supporting and encouraging children and families to heal through the use of art. Art in therapy is a sacred, safe and healing language that can increase one's sense of 'permission' instead of art as being just a form of good or bad material production. And in 2016, I decided it was time for my own art. In 2018, I was inspired to capture the essence of my old neighborhood in honor of the place where I grew up. Over a six-week period, I created over 30 original alla prima style oil paintings for a series called, 'North Beach in S.F.' The paintings were well received and shown at a local gallery, favorite cafes and ended up in a USA Today article and solo art walk and video tour with Jefferson Graham. A very wonderful guy and a cool experience. In 2019, I founded Marin Plein Air: Urban and Landscape Drawing and Painting Meetup in Marin which now includes over 170 members as a free collective to encourage local artists to get outside, make some new friends and paint together. 
 In March 2020, I was selected as one of the participating artists for the 18th Annual Sonoma Plein Air Festival (September 7-12, 2021). I am truly grateful for this opportunity to grow and evolve as a landscape artist and to join such an amazing community of dedicated plein air painters in September 2021. 
Thank you Sonoma Plein Air! And in January 2021, I started the FARLEY Gallery & Studio on Caledonia Street in Sausalito, CA. Please check out our website and stop in for a visit: http://www.farleygallery.com "The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves." - Carl G. Jung 
 Education: MS Psychology, CSUC (MFT, Art Therapy) Academy of Art, San Francisco Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy 
 Workshops, Festivals and Conferences: 19th Annual Sonoma Plein Air Festival - A participating artist (2020/2021) Adriano Farinella - Sky, Clouds and Land (2020) ’Nocturnal Paris' with Casey Baugh (2021) 'Intellect and Passion' with Ken Auster online (2020) Portrait Painting mentorship with Scott Waddell (2019) Vermeer Master Painting with Michael John Angel, Yorkshire (2019) Portrait Painting at Florence Studio with Cesar Santos (2019) Portrait Painting at BACAA with Kamille Correy (2018) Portrait and Figure Painting at Florence Academy of Art with Jura Bedic (2017) PACE - Plein Air Conference in San Francisco (2019) FACE Figurative Art Conference in Miami (2018)

Jane Victoria Farley was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jane is an accomplished portrait, landscape and abstract artist and a lover of photography. Jane is also a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist (MS, MFT) specializing in DBT & Expressive Art Therapy for children, teens and adults.

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